• We analyze your current situation in the destination country and, if needed, we advise you about the best legal way of settling in the country: through an individual employee, an agent, a branch office, a subsidiary company or a joint venture agreement.
  • We make a study about the tax implications of the activity in the destination country as well as the ones in the parent company. If possible and necessary, we develop a financial plan and a financial profitability assessment of the foreign establishment project.
  • We carry out the juridical opening of a subsidiary or a branch, at customer discretion, and we face for that all the involved areas in such process, like the legal, commercial, accounting, tax, labour and the financial one.
  • Once the juridical opening of the subsidiary is done, we make sure that all its back office processes (accounting, tax, labour, reporting and transfer prices) are perfectly established and completely coordinated with the parent company in order to have an efficient operating capacity.
  • We implement a financial management control between the parent company and the subsidiary that guarantees reliable and useful information reports for decision making.
  • We transfer all the knowledge and processes to your accounting department to make it to assume all the control. But if you think it is necessary or suitable, we can also carry out an annual internal audit, and follow up in that way your subsidiary activity.
  • We can also help you in other practical aspects of the foreign establishment process, such as the office location search in the destination country, commercial studies or specific recruitment.

We save time for you and your accounting/financial department.

The juridical opening of a foreign subsidiary company can become a long and laborious investigation work in different areas, which involves a lot of time and energy, and maybe these are not available in your company at this moment.

In business, time saving means productivity. That fact ,in a long term, can avoid unnecessary fixed resources hiring.

You and your accounting department can focus on daily operations already generating cash.

We give you security and efficiency in your establishment abroad.

By contracting our project you make sure that at the end of the process you will have a definitive establishment in the destination country, where all your back office areas will be ready to work in a coordinate and efficient way.

We customize the necessary financial management control design that you need in order to have control of the current activities of your already existing subsidiary companies, with special focus in:

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